Our vocation

Orient’U is a firm based in Mauritius, specializing in counseling and guidance of young people, as from secondary school (college / high school).

Our mission is to support young people, through an orientation process centered on knowledge and self-esteem, to help them find a professional path that suits them and build the right course of study.

Our tools

Orient’U is trained in the innovative Mental’O ® orientation method. Recognized in France for its efficiency and selected by Le Figaro Student in the framework of “Rencontres de l’Orientation” since 2016, it has been rewarded many times during Corporate Awards.

For our individual orientation check-ups or during our educational workshops, we offer comprehensive questionnaires and high-quality orientation tests focusing on personality, self-knowledge and professional interests.

These objective and rigorous tools are recognized internationally for their practical interest and their psychometric qualities. They meet standards and mandatory measurable qualities. In this way, they guarantee – in addition to the expertise of our certified professionals – the reliability of our support.

Our values

At Orient’U, we put the young person at the heart of the system, because it is necessary that he becomes autonomous and responsible for the choices related to his schooling.

In addition to the professionalism and respect for the confidentiality that a parent is entitled to expect from our services, we are committed to providing support in the respect of the ethics of our profession.

Why school guidance?

From secondary to tertiary education, young people must make very important orientation choices.

  • How to choose a fulfilling educational guidance?
  • How to avoid embarking on studies that lead nowhere, or that do not match his professional interests?
  • How to find a job that really suits us?

The questions raised when one looks for one’s orientation are numerous …

Faced with the complexity of the education system and emerging professions, it is sometimes difficult for parents to see clearly.

In addition, young people experience an intense period of change during adolescence. They are looking for landmarks.

Reflecting on oneself with the help of a certified professional as proposed by Orient’U is a step that can prove to be decisive in its choice of orientation.

To make an orientation assessment makes it possible to think of a professional future which would be in agreement with his personality and his deep motivations.

By being asked the right questions around his or her academic orientation and to define a professional career, the young person develops a motivation and a desire to move forward in his project.

He perceives more precisely what his place in the world of tomorrow. And the meaning he will give to his work will allow a better involvement in his studies.

What is school coaching?

Orient’U also offers individualized school coaching.

True coaching, but adapted to teenagers, school coaching is a branch of the education sector that has a bright future.

It is a personalized accompaniment that focuses on the personality of the young person, his mode of learning, his motivation, his relationship to the meaning:

in order to improve the way he looks at his studies, to help him gain or re-gain self-confidence and to fully appropriate his schooling
to teach him how to better know himself as a student, learn to study better and better mobilize his own resources.

Questions ?

We are here to answer you!

For the little story...

Born in France of Mauritian parents, Nasrine Faucheux spent her youth in Strasbourg, then studied in Paris. Holder of a Master’s degree in Science and Engineering of Advanced Materials and Management (Conservatory of Arts and Trades of Paris / Paris Sud XI University), she moved to Mauritius in 2008 with great enthusiasm.

From the corporate world, Nasrine has worked as an R & D Engineer, Consultant, Project Manager and Production Manager in competitive industries such as automotive, medical and pharmaceutical.

With 12 years of professional experience in France, Canada and Mauritius, she is passionate about issues related to education and decides to specialize in school coaching.

Motivated by offering innovative and high-quality services to Mauritian youth, she founded Orient’U, the consulting firm dedicated to young people and their parents.