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Discover our expertise for 12 to 25 years old and our rigorous and innovative approach

Personalized Orientation

know oneself for better guidance

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Do you have a clear idea of a professional future and would you like to confirm your project?

Ideas that you would like to clarify?

You do not know yet what you want to do?

You are already a tertiary student and you are feeling lost? You wonder about your specialisation options?

Orient'U offers you a tailor-made and innovative orientation report, the Exploratory Mental'O® report, in order to identify the orientation pathways that can best match you.

To know each other well to choose the right academic orientation, to become aware of its assets to value them in one's future professional career are the objectives of this phase.

Meet one of our certified professionals for two in-depth interviews and a comprehensive review.

From 14 to 25 years - orientation report available in French and English

Personalized orientation report

to identify your pathways

Course outline:

2 in-depth interviews

Professional Interest Test – Questionnaires

Detailed oral presentation

Delivery of the complete file to the young + parents

Group orientation

Orient'U Educational Workshops

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Do you prefer to be in a group? Meet young people thinking about their future like you, or coming with friends?
The Orient'U educational workshops allow you to structure your reflection through a playful and dynamic format, in order to see more clearly in your professional future.
By thinking within a group, you will also be able to develop key skills such as collaboration and communication, and discover a common way of working in the business world.

Supervised by a coach, tests and quizzes will be proposed to get to know you better by following a progressive approach, to finish with a reflection on the possible paths of orientation and study strategies.

For 14 to 25 years old, by age group - Saturdays and school holidays (limited places)

Educational Workshops

10 hrs coaching package

Outline :

Discovery of professional interests

Personality test

Define my cognitive profile

Motivation test

Identify pathways & study strategies

School guidance

Know oneself better to learn better

Orient'U offers you an à la carte coaching offer, for young people who want to give themselves the means for a long-term success by finding the effective working method for them.
A work of thinking, of responsibility and of self-knowledge, to regain a taste for learning and stay motivated.

As from 12 years

School guidance

Outline :

1 interview to define the needs, then sessions
in module à la carte

Define my learning style

Work methods

Time management: knowing how to organize

Self-esteem, self-confidence

Stress management


Post BAC / HSC Support

Orient'U offers personalized assistance for your national or international registration process (Parcoursup France or other countries).
After an in-depth interview to define your needs, a counselor will support you and your parents in these administrative procedures, which are sometimes numerous and complicated.

For young people in high school or students in reorientation.